An Ongoing Journey, Part 2 – Transformation

In Part 1 of An Ongoing Journey, my client and I started working out together. At 318 pounds, she Betsy super fat for blog 187x300 An Ongoing Journey, Part 2 – Transformationwas skeptical of using a trainer because she didn’t think she was fit enough to work with me. Then I mentioned that we could box, and she was hooked! She was still terrified, however. I’ll let her tell you how it worked out.

Yes, I was terrified to work with Jason. I was embarrassed about how I looked in front of him and the rest of the gym, and I was mortified that I could do so little in terms of fitness.

I loved that boxing, though.

Little by little, I started getting in better shape. We boxed and kickboxed, lifted weights, and eventually moved on to cardio drills and bodyweight exercises. Being in the ring – yes, there was an actual boxing ring at the gym – gave me a sense of power and belonging, even if I didn’t exactly look like Mike Tyson. It wasn’t long before I began calling myself “boxerchick”! (It’s part of my email address to this day.)

And the weight was coming off – quickly. In addition to training with Jason, I worked out on my own, and I was getting to the gym five to six times a week. But there was another important element of my journey: the food log. I wrote down every single thing that I ate and drank. Then Jason and I went over it in excruciating detail. How much? What time? Why? (Yes, “why” is an important factor for emotional eaters like me, but more about that in the next blog.)

The food log added a huge element of accountability to the process for me. After all, I didn’t get to 318 pounds just because I was inactive; eating represented a large part of the problem. Having a fitness professional analyze my food intake every day, discuss my choices and suggest others, and encourage me when I got it right made an incredible difference in my ability to change my lifestyle.

So how did the weight loss go? Within six weeks, I was under 300 pounds. I was still so embarrassed about my weight that all I could say, even to my own husband, was that I had passed a major milestone! But it got easier to talk about and easier to do. The healthy diet became a habit, and the working out was a joy.

Betsy at lowest weight with Jason 150x300 An Ongoing Journey, Part 2 – TransformationBy the nine-month mark, I had shed 100 pounds. I was 40 years old and approaching 200 pounds, a weight I hadn’t seen since my early 20s.

Next week, my client will describe how life and binge eating intruded on her journey and how she’s doing these days.

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